Digital illustrator and emote artist

Hello! I am a Digital Artist based on the Philippines. Feel free to snoop around my page. If you have any concerns and questions, drop me a message in my socials!


Prices shown are in USD (US Dollars).
Please read the Terms of Service before commission. It's a quick read!
Drop me a DM in my socials below to avail commissions or if you have any questions! (^w^)

Commission Queue

Current Commissions:

Inconnu74 (comic) (paid) (complete)
LenLooner (comic) (paid) (ongoing)

Likuzel02 (comic + illustration)


•Araceli• (emotes)
Myemoshadow (3 panel page comic)
BalkanBaka (1 half body)
loldatman901 (1 full body)
Plane9 (2 half body)
adorableplatypus (1 emote set)
(On Hold)
RylandLaCastro (2 Full body)
KikoroImp (1 Full Body) (3 Half Body)
Diontaeblack (1 full body)
(Full until further notice)

Terms of Service for Artwork Commissions

The following Terms of Service are for Digital Art Commissions. The following information must be read fully and accepted before commission.

.SECTION 1. EMOTES AND STICKERS• Customers have the right to use the emotes and stickers for personal use (you can't make money solely from using them - non-profit use) unless they pay for commercial rights. Twitch and Discord use is allowed._

SECTION 2. IMAGE COPYRIGHT AND GUIDELINES• The client is permitted to claim design ownership, but not able to claim they created illustrations.• In reposting, proper credit must be given (a tag in social media)._

SECTION 3. PAYMENT• I accept payment in USD and PHP (Philippine Peso).• Payment is through Paypal, or if in the Philippines, GCash.• Prices may vary due to complexity.Full Payment is required before starting on a commission.• There will be no refunds once money has been received._

SECTION 4. COMMUNICATION AND CONTACT• Discussion of commission must be via written communication on social media or via email.Required Client Details- Email (Paypal email and receiving email)
- References (Character, Outfits, etc.)
- Specifications for Commission (ideas)

- Heavy Gore (Slight gore is okay)
- Complicated Mecha Designs
- Any form of hateful, racist, and political imagery.
- Kissing

SECTION 6. WORKFLOW PROCESS• Most commissions should take no longer than 2 to 6 weeks to complete. I will personally notify the customer if there are any delays in the completion of a commission.• WIP (Work in Progress) will be occasionally sent to the client.• After completion, the artist will send through the email provided: the image of the completed artwork/s in .png or .jpg form in highest resolution.

Feel free to ask if you have questions or concerns!